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Making Your Trees Like New

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Making Your Trees Like New

Can You Turn Your Dead Trees Into Firewood?

April Reyes

When your tree removal service comes to cut down your tree, they'll likely chop it into portable pieces and cart it away in a truck. Some services, when asked, will chop the wood into pieces small enough to use for firewood, and will leave the wood on your property. Some charge a fee for this service. If you store the newly cut wood properly and allow it to dry for the necessary amount of time, you can turn your old, dead tree into firewood for your home. 

What trees make the best firewood?

Any tree can be used for firewood provided that it has been properly dried. Wood that is not dry when it is burned will produce a greasy firelight, lots of smoke and little heat. 

How can you dry firewood?

Firewood needs to be stacked in a pile in order to be dried. Placing the wood in a single long row, called a windrow, is best because this will allow the wind to flow between the logs. You'll need to stack the wood on a platform up off the ground to prevent rot. You can place your wood stacks on pallets or just store them on wooden rails made from long straight logs. Keep the stacks at or under hip height to ensure stability. Stack the logs so that each piece is facing the same direction.

How long does it take to dry firewood?

It will take at least half a year from the time that your tree is cut down to the time that it will become useable firewood. If you're hoping to use your tree as firewood in the winter, have it cut down in the spring to give the wood enough time. Hardwoods cut down in wet climates will need more time; softwoods in dry climates should need no more than 6 months. 

How can you tell when the wood is ready?

When your tree is first cut down, it may be creamy or white inside, and the logs will produce a soft thud when hit together. Dry firewood will be gray in color, may be cracked or split on the ends, and will make a hollow sound when two pieces of wood are tapped together. It may be hard to tell when the wood is finally dry. You'll know for sure when the firewood begins to burn. Wet wood will make a hissing noise, may produce bubbles or moisture, will produce acrid smoke, be slow to start burning and will be difficult to keep in flames. 

For more information, speak with your tree removal service. Many tree removal services also dry firewood, so they may have tips for you as well. 

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