Making Your Trees Like New
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Making Your Trees Like New

When I moved into my house, I noticed that there were a few trees that were significantly overgrown. I knew that I had to do something to make things right, so I started looking for tree trimmers in the area with the kind of experience I needed. I worked with them to figure out what needed to be done, and after they offered a fair quote, I had them begin work. The difference they were able to make was amazing, and I was really impressed with their contribution. This blog is here to help people to make their trees like new with the help of a professional arborist.

Making Your Trees Like New

Creating A Tick-Free Environment For Your Dogs

April Reyes

Allowing your dogs to run around in the yard is one of the best reasons to have a yard at all. Many people, especially young singles and couples may feel led to purchase a home with a yard in order to have space for puppies. If there are a number of yards, trees, and plants in your area, you a may find that your dogs make great puppy friends. if your animal has come back inside with a tick, you will need to make changes in your environment. Here are a few ways to change your environment to get rid of ticks in the yard:

Put up a mulch barrier in the perimeter

Ticks need a method of migration from one area to another. They prefer to reside in the grass or on trees and shrubs and bushes when migrating from one yard to another. If you want to stop the possibility of ticks coming into your yard from another, you should set up a barrier of mulch. Dig around the perimeter of your yard and replace the perimeter dirt and grass with mulch. The mulch will stop ticks from coming on to your yard, as it is not sustainable to reside on, in the way grass and plants are. Be sure to check the mulch weekly, as you do not want there to be any holes that your animal could trip or get their legs caught on. 

Have the yard sprayed

After you have installed the mulch, you should have the entirety of your front and back yard sprayed for ticks. The chemicals inside of your tick control should be gentle and safe for pets, especially if you have young pets or pets that are sick. Have a pest control company come to spray your yard on a regular basis, especially during the warm seasons when pets seem to increase. 

Install a dog septic tank

One of the ways that ticks are transmitted to your yard is through your own animals. If you take your animals for a walk, they can pick up ticks and the ticks can settle into your own yard. If you want to keep your dogs from getting any sort of ticks, allow the dogs to relieve themselves in their own yard, and you dispose of the waste in a dog septic tank. This way there is no reason to allow your dogs to wander in other grass areas. When you walk your dogs, you can do so on the sideway or cement pathways instead of foreign grass. 

Contact a company like Greenwood Tree Experts for more information and assistance.