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Making Your Trees Like New

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Making Your Trees Like New

3 Creative Ways To Deal With The Unwanted Oak Tree Stump In Your Backyard

April Reyes

If one of last winter's storms blew down the old oak tree in your backyard and you were left with an unsightly stump, then you will be pleased to learn there are a few creative ways you can deal with it. Since it takes a lot of physical labor to remove a large oak tree's stump, modifying the stump into a useful or interesting object in your yard will prevent you from having to deal with the labor to take it out.

Listed below are three creative ways you can modify the unwanted oak tree stump in your yard to avoid having to remove it:

Turn the Tree Stump into a Mushroom Habitat

If you and your family love mushrooms, then you can turn the oak stump in your backyard into a mushroom habitat and grow your own. You can purchase lab-prepared mushroom spawn and apply it to the stump. As an added bonus, the mushrooms feed on the stump and will help to rot it in place.

Turn the Tree Stump into Artwork

If you are a bit crafty or have a local chainsaw carving artist in your area, then you can turn the oak stump into a piece of artwork. A chainsaw carver can quickly turn the stump into a bear, tree, or another decorative shape.

If you don't have the budget to have the stump carved, then you can always turn it into a gnome or faerie's house by gluing items to it and decorating around its base.

Turn the Tree Stump into a Birdbath

While you might not look at the leftover tree stump in your yard and think "birdbath," the truth is that old stumps make great bases for birdbaths.

To make your stump into a birdbath, you will need to cut the top of it so it is level and then top it with a container that will hold water. Some good options are large, unwanted ceramic or metal bowls, gold pans, or even a concrete container from your local home-improvement center.

A Final Note

Finally, it is important to note that you should always remove tree stumps in areas that are prone to termite infestations. If the area you live in has a humid climate or established colonies of subterranean termites, then leaving a dead tree stump in place provides them with an inviting food source. However, if tree-eating insects aren't typically a problem in your area, then you should use your old oak tree stump to show your creativity and add an interesting focal point to your backyard.

Contact a company like Beny's Tree Service for more help evaluating the condition of any trees or stumps in your yard.