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Making Your Trees Like New

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Making Your Trees Like New

Large Oak Tree In Your Yard Does Not Look Healthy? Signs It Is Dying And What To Do About It

April Reyes

If you have a large oak tree in your yard that is not growing well or does not look healthy, it could have a disease that is killing it. If so, you will need to remove the tree from your yard before the disease spreads to your other trees. Below is some more information about this so you will know what you need to do.

Signs the Tree is Dying

One thing you may notice is the leaves turning yellow with green colored veins.  This is also a sign the tree has malnutrition. If it has been going on for some time it can cause a tree to die.

If the tree is losing foliage when it should not be, this is a sign that the tree has Diplodia canker. This is a fungal disease that attaches to the twigs and branches and causes them to die.

Another sign you may notice is the bark decaying. If your tree has this, it likely has decay far underneath the bark, which can result in death.

You may notice the leaves have a white, powdery mildew on them. If not treated, the mildew will spread over the entire canopy of the tree causing it to eventually die. The tree roots may also be rotted if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain.

Call a Tree Service Company

If you notice any of these signs, contract a tree service in your area to come to your home and inspect the tree. They can tell you if the tree is too far gone or if it could be treated. For example, if the problem is not widespread the tree service may be able to save the tree.

If the tree service company finds the tree is too far gone, they will need to cut it down. You should never try to do this on your own. This is because it is very dangerous for someone to do this and not know what they are doing. The tree could easily fall the wrong way and fall onto your home.  You could also cause injury to yourself or anyone around the tree.

When the tree service company is finished removing the tree the stump will still be in the ground. You should ask them to remove the stump since the tree was diseased. To do this, the tree company will use a grinding machine to grind the stump down to very small pieces. They will also ensure all roots are destroyed so the tree will not grow back.

If you have questions about any of this, talk with a tree service company, such as T's Trees.