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Making Your Trees Like New

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Making Your Trees Like New

Coastal Live Oaks: A Beautiful Choice For West Coast Properties

April Reyes

If you live on the west coast and would like to plant some new trees on your property, one type to consider is the coastal live oak. Also known as the California live oak, this variety of oak tree is especially well suited to the warm, dry climate on the west coast. It grows tall and beautiful with ovular leaves, somewhat smaller than those of other oak species. Here's a closer look at coastal live oaks and what to expect if you do plant one:

Basic Tree Qualities

Coastal live oaks, unlike most other varieties of oak trees, are evergreen. So, while the leaves they have slowly die and fall to the ground, this happens on a revolving basis throughout the year rather than all at once in the fall. Like pine trees, coastal live oaks are always green, so they add a lot of color to your landscape year-round.

This tree species can live for hundreds of years, so if you plant one, you know that generations to come will enjoy its shade. The trees have very broad crowns, making it easy to sit beneath them. They do produce acorns, but these are more slender and long than the acorns of other oak species. The acorns typically fall to the ground in autumn.

Tree Care

When your coastal oak is young, you will need to keep it well watered, especially during a period of drought. You should place wood mulch around the tree to lock in the water, making it easier for the tree to obtain. Have the tree pruned once a year. An arborist will know just what branches to remove to encourage the tree to grow evenly, which is very important since coastal live oaks are prone to sprawling and uneven growth if left unattended.

Once the tree has established its shape, you may be able to cut the pruning down to once every three years. You will still want to have the tree trimmed from time to time so that old growth is removed. Fungi, such as those that cause oak wilt disease, are attracted to dead and decaying branches, so removing them will protect your coastal live oak.

Where To Plant

Coastal live oaks are very tolerant of various soil conditions. They'll even tolerate some salty soil or salt spray from the ocean! They do not, however, do well in partial shade. So make sure you plant your tree in an open area that receives plenty of sunlight. Make sure it is not shaded out by other trees.

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