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Making Your Trees Like New

When I moved into my house, I noticed that there were a few trees that were significantly overgrown. I knew that I had to do something to make things right, so I started looking for tree trimmers in the area with the kind of experience I needed. I worked with them to figure out what needed to be done, and after they offered a fair quote, I had them begin work. The difference they were able to make was amazing, and I was really impressed with their contribution. This blog is here to help people to make their trees like new with the help of a professional arborist.

Making Your Trees Like New

Caring For A Tree On A Slope

April Reyes

Caring for a tree on a slope isn't the same as caring for a tree on a relatively flat ground; the former tends to be more complicated. This is mainly due to nutrient and water issues, but there are also other issues. Here are four valuable tips to ensure your trees thrive on a slope:

Ensure the Trees Will Get Adequate

By and large, the biggest problem of growing trees on a slope is the issue of water that tends to run down the slope rather than seeping into the soil. Therefore, you need a way to ensure your trees will be getting adequate water. Here are some measures that help:

  • Building terraces to hold the water in place and give the tree roots time to absorb it
  • Planting grass and other vegetation that slow down the flow of water
  • Mulching the trees to keep their roots moist for long
  • Watering young trees

Make Sure the Nutrients Stay At the Route

It is not just the water that will run down the slope, even the nutrients may not stay in place long enough to benefit the trees. This is especially true for nutrients applied in the form of fertilizer or organic manure. If you aren't careful, the nutrients will end up everywhere but the base of the trees. Fortunately, the same techniques that help with drainage will help in

Plant the Right Tree Species

Careful planning is needed right from the beginning – the planting season. This is because not all trees can thrive on a slope. You need trees that can survive under harsh conditions while still managing to hold the soil in place. This calls for trees with roots that spread from the base of the tree. It's also wise to steer clear of trees with huge canopies or extremely tall trees since their risk of falling is high.

Safety Concerns

Lastly, you should also be aware of the safety issues associated with caring for trees on a slope, especially a steep slope. Pruning or trimming trees in such areas is tricky enough for professionals, let alone novices. You can easily lose your footing and fall if you aren't careful, especially during the rainy or snowy seasons.

Taking care of trees on a slope isn't easy, as you can see from the above discussions. However, it can be done, especially by those who have experience in tree care and management. Contact a service, like Yarnell Tree Co Inc, for help.