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Making Your Trees Like New

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Making Your Trees Like New

3 Winter Tree Problems That You Want To Address Before Spring Arrives

April Reyes

The winter months are a time of year when you must worry about cold temperatures causing damage. The freezing weather may also cause problems with trees, which is why you will want to know how to deal with these problems before spring arrives. You will want to know the signs of damage and what can be done to prevent it. Here are some winter tree damage problems that you may have to deal with this year:

1. Water Problems During Winter Draughts Effecting Your Trees

Winter droughts are problems that you will want to start dealing with during the summer and fall months. Make sure that your trees get plenty of water during the growing season; especially when the weather is dry. Give your trees and plants plenty of nutrients to ensure they are strong and healthy during the winter months. Also, to protect trees from winter droughts make sure that there is good soil at the base of trees that can absorb and store water.

2. Frost Damage to Trees Due to Hard Winter Freezes

Hard winter freezes are another problem that you may have to deal with during the winter months. This problem can easily be seen in cracking on the trunk and branches of trees. In addition, frost can also affect any exposed root systems. To protect trees that are vulnerable to frost damage, use an organic material like straw to insulate the base of trees; this will also help to protect trees from winter draughts.

3. Animal and Sun Damage That Affects Trees During the Winter Months

While the weather is colder, the sun is still shinning, and trees do not have foliage to protect them from the rays. In addition, animals may be looking for a place to hibernate for the winter and can damage trees. To protect the trees from animals, use friendly animal deterrents at the base of trees to keep them away. You may also want to consider using natural repellents to deter animals from nesting in the trees. For sun damage, make sure that trees get plenty of fertilizer during the warmer months and keep them trimmed during winter to ensure they are strong and healthy. Healthier trees will be less likely to be affected by sun damage.

These are some winter tree damage problems that you may have to deal with this year. Contact a tree service like Tree Landers to help with some of these problems and trimming before spring arrives.