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Making Your Trees Like New

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Making Your Trees Like New

How To Breakup With Your Tree: Waste Disposal Options

April Reyes

You may find it difficult to part with a beloved tree, but trees that have become unsafe or inconvenient may need to go. Removing the tree is challenging enough, but the final obstacle is to figure out what to do with your tree debris and the stump.

The Best Ways to Dispose of Your Tree

Regardless of whether you chop the tree down yourself, you may need a permit to remove your tree, depending on the municipality. You may be allowed to place your tree by the side of the road. If you live near a forest, you may be allowed to place the tree debris in the forest. Other locales may require that you chop up the tree and dispose of the debris as natural waste.

Some city codes allow you to burn tree waste. You could hold a party and have a bonfire. If you own a fireplace, you may find that the tree is suitable for the fireplace. However, if you want the tree removed immediately, and if it is too large to work with, you may be better off renting a dumpster so it can be hauled away.

Special Precautions You Must Take

Removing tree debris in an open area is a task that a DIY enthusiast may be able to pull off. But if there are safety concerns, such as a tree that has become entangled with downed power lines, the situation will be much more dangerous and you may need to work with a tree removal service — like Hagstrom & Sons Tree Service — and the local utility company.

How to Stump the Stump

In some cases, you might decide to just keep your tree stump. Stumps can have their own charm, but they can also be inconvenient. You may face the following problems:

  • Difficulties maneuvering a lawn mower around the stump
  • Pests making a home in your stump
  • Guests tripping over the stump late at night when enjoying your yard

Regardless of the reason for removing your stump, you will usually have three practical options:

  • Chopping the stump up and removing individual pieces
  • Cutting through the stump with a stump grinder
  • Hiring professionals to handle the entire tree removal process

Hiring a professional is the easiest. Regardless of whether you have a tree you would like to remove, a fallen tree, or a tree stump, you should consider hiring professional tree removal services to avoid the hassles of disposing of your tree waste.