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Making Your Trees Like New

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Making Your Trees Like New

Adopting A Dog? Get Tree Removal To Prepare Your Backyard For Their Arrival

April Reyes

When your family decides to adopt a dog, you may start going through all the preparations at home to make sure you are ready to accommodate them in every way. Providing them with a safe home is essential, especially if they are a puppy and do not know what things to avoid.

If you know that you will be letting your dog out in the backyard under supervision and eventually on their own, you should invest in tree removal to prepare your landscape.


While your dog may not be doing any climbing while they are a puppy, you should consider removing any tree that is near the backyard fence. This will eliminate the chance that your dog is able to use the tree as a stepping stool to get over the fence and escape the backyard.

If you want to do everything that you can to avoid removing trees from this area, you should make it a priority to only remove trees with low lying branches that your dog can use to get over.


Some backyards are covered in trees, which certain homeowners may enjoy. But, if you want to provide your dog with a spacious backyard that they can run around in, you should consider removing the bulkiest trees, especially the ones with shallow roots. The shallow roots will make it difficult for your dog to run around because they could trip over the roots in the ground.


While there are a lot of toxic trees that can harm your dog, you should pay the most attention to common types such as yew and pine. All yew trees are toxic, while some pine trees such as the Buddhist and Norfolk Island are toxic. If you do not know what kind of trees you have on your property, you can acquire this information by getting a tree inspection from a tree service company.


Even if a tree is not toxic, you may want to remove it for the debris that it can spread across your yard. For instance, a fruit tree or one that produces berries may lead to fruits or berries getting on the ground. If your dog eats too much of anything, they will end up getting sick. So, you can prevent your dog from getting sick by removing trees that drop anything edible in high quantity.

Getting tree removal service will make you feel great about bringing home an adopted dog.

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