Making Your Trees Like New
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Making Your Trees Like New

When I moved into my house, I noticed that there were a few trees that were significantly overgrown. I knew that I had to do something to make things right, so I started looking for tree trimmers in the area with the kind of experience I needed. I worked with them to figure out what needed to be done, and after they offered a fair quote, I had them begin work. The difference they were able to make was amazing, and I was really impressed with their contribution. This blog is here to help people to make their trees like new with the help of a professional arborist.

Making Your Trees Like New

  • Trim Branches On An Evergreen Tree And Decorate The Tree For Halloween

    1 September 2017

    If you would like to decorate a large evergreen tree that is growing in your front yard with festive Halloween ornaments and lights, trim the tree's branches and adorn them with various materials by completing the steps below. The tree will help raise your spirits leading up to Halloween and can be enjoyed on the night that trick-or-treaters visit your home. Materials step ladder gloves pruning shears rake fabric squares foam circles elastic bands fabric marker hole puncher string scissors strings of lights power source Use Shears To Trim The Tree's Branches

  • Coastal Live Oaks: A Beautiful Choice For West Coast Properties

    29 August 2017

    If you live on the west coast and would like to plant some new trees on your property, one type to consider is the coastal live oak. Also known as the California live oak, this variety of oak tree is especially well suited to the warm, dry climate on the west coast. It grows tall and beautiful with ovular leaves, somewhat smaller than those of other oak species. Here's a closer look at coastal live oaks and what to expect if you do plant one:

  • Your Fall Tree Care Checklist

    29 August 2017

    As summer draws to a close and you start to see changing leaf colors and chillier mornings, it's time to start thinking about caring for your trees to prepare them for winter and for next year's growing season. This guide can help you know how to provide the basic care for your trees as the days grow colder.  1. Fertilize.  Trees draw on nutrients from the soil, and the soil can become depleted if it is not revitalized.

  • Eager To Get New Trees Planted As Summer Arrives? 3 Tips For Making The Right Choices

    29 August 2017

    Getting new trees planted in your yard can make a big difference in the way that it looks and the shade that you have available to you. If you're interested in getting new trees planted with the start of summer, it's important that you look into what kinds of things you can do and what should be kept in mind when choosing a type of tree. By being patient and considering the following tips you'll be much more likely to find trees that are a fantastic addition to your yard.

  • Help Your New Tree Survive Its First Winter

    28 August 2017

    If you have a newly planted tree in your yard, you know that it needs a special level of care until it is well established. The first winter is a period of stress for the tree, and proper preparation and maintenance can ensure your tree gets through the change in seasons stronger and healthier than before. Here's what you can do to help a new tree survive its first year.